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A Revolution is Brewing

Revolutionary Practices Lead to Revolutionary Coffee.

Why losBeans?

For some roasting companies, bold is more than just a tasting note...

Take responsibility.

Taking responsibility for every stage of the process—from seed to cup—gives you a reputation for being thorough. Making radical, positive changes in every one of these stages, gives you a reputation for being nothing less than revolutionary.

It's more than just coffee.

From building schools, medical clinics and housing for our workers, to letting wildlife flourish by adapting our plantations right into the jungle—LosBeans is a roasting company you can rally behind, so viva la roasting revolution.

Las Lessons

An education in revolutionary brewing.

The Roasts

Current selection of our roasts.

Stand-up Sustainability

Our game-changing environmental practices.

losBeans Familia

A love story.

It’s about more than just a bean

It's about making an actual difference, and a great coffee while we're at it.


Years of sustainable coffee growing practices.


Regions which are homes to several of our sustainable farms.


Less fuel consumed by our state-of-the art roasting machines.


Reduction in water consumption during the harvest wash.

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